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Digital download for Hills of Exile now available.

Accept digital delivery only. Author's signature hard copy is available via email request. For those who prefer phsycal books, Hills of Exile is available worldwide.

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From the depth of World War II, where everything he did was against his will, to the mysterious land of the Zong, this novel, "Hills Of Exile" tells a story about Reverend Isaac Kline’s, search for redemption after hi past involvement in WWII. He was a German raised by his adopted jewish parent. He did not know he was a German until World War II began, and he joined the Nazi army hoping to save some Jews. To his dismay he ended up killing Jews. Desperate to save himself from his past, ran away from Europe and became a missionary to the mysterious land of the Zong. However, the Zong are violent, brutal and intolerant to his God. Will Isaac Kline find redemption in the land of the Zong? What happened hereafter became the struggle in Hills of Exile.

Note from McNonwuun: Hills of Exile was written from a place of deep unanswered youthful questions. The main theme in this novel is not really the fact that Isaac Kline’s background but the struggle of all mankind to overcome the mistakes of their lives or the fear to make one. In this case I choose WWII because I was always fascinated by war mainly, as a young man I was curious about WWII. This fascination in itself I try to answer in the novel. Isaac Kline could have been anyone from any background just with terrible mistakes or the fear to make one and that they’re trying to redeem themselves from. Growing up as a boy, there was this inherent alarm in me that told me many of the grown up around me were making sometime unreasonable mistakes. From my parents to my neighbors and I wanted nothing to do with it. But I was young and without a father’s guidance I feared I would end up like them. This fear drove me to questions I could not simply flip over for answers. And being caught up in that world with no guarantee if I would ever survive it, I turned to Hills of Exile to answer the question and hopefully find answer. Overtime, it became the only solace, a sort of journal to talk about things and questions I could not find answer to or even discuss it with those around me. Nobody was taking time to entertain a little boy filled with old questions because they had their own struggles and most of them I felt like they were running into the fire of life with eyes wide open and this terrified and discouraged me because I knew they were not ready to speak of those things on my mind. So secluded myself most of the time. I waited for answers and therefore, I created this world of the Zong. Isaac Kline because the question and the Zong became his world. Thanks for reading.




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