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Africtimes Multimedia

A Brief Overview

A multimedia studio. Currently, up and running is our film and book studio. Africtimes Multimedia is expanding internationally beginning with our first developing branches in Liberia and the United States. We are expanding to meet your demands right where you are.
Premiering July 1st: Trumpet of Faith, 296 Chad Brown Street, Providence, RI 02908 @5PM
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  • Movies

    A Hopeful Journey - a story base on the scripture Isaiah 40:31. When a corrupt lawyer sees the opportunity to make money on a vulnerable (temporary status; Liberia Immigrant couple) community of already shaky family dynamic, he unleashes a web of deception, adultery, bribery, murder. In the end, faith, friendship, marriage, love and peace will have to be tested. But if the scripture is true what are the consequences of disobedience? Now Showing

    Starring: Prince Eke, Susan N. Nwokedi, Les Papp, Diezi Dunbar, Aaron Davidson, Albert Capehart, Jona Cedena, and introducing Tanina Taylor.

    Written and Directed By: McNonwuun

  • Upcoming Projects

    Currently showing, A Hopeful Journey in cities and churches near you. For other works and upcoming projects learn more below.

  • Books

    "Hills of Exile" is available for purchase worldwide. More books are currently in the work.

  • Music

    The search for musical talents is a journey we are begining right from the heart of Liberia.

  • Arts & Designs

    Africtimes Multimedia Studio is a multifaceted Studio, growing into every department of art. Up and running is our books and film studios.